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Passed 642-999 Cisco Data Center Unified Computing

Just passed the 1st test in a four-part test series for my CCNP Data Center certification.  I plan to take a 1 month break, and began my Journey to pass the CCIE written exam.


CCNA Data Center Certified

I am happy to announce, I passed the CCNA Data Center exam on Christmas eve.    The test was challenging, but not too difficult.  When I return home from Qatar, I will start the six-month process to complete my CCNP Data Center certification.  Once completed, I will take the CCNP security test, and start a 1 year journey to pass my first  CCIE exam.  Merry Christmas and happy New Year’s to all.  2014-12-25 07.52.48 am

Passed 640-911 DCICN

Today, I passed my first exam introducing Cisco’s new Datacenter Technology.  The test was not that difficult; however, I would recommend taking the certification because it covers the future of switching in a Cisco environment.  For example, if you’re not familiar with the Nexus OS this certification will introduce you to it.  In about two months, I hope to take part two of the exam.  If you don’t think the future of switching is changing, you may want to look at the partnership between VMware and Cisco.

Passed CCNA Voice

I just completed the CCNA voice series, and was awarded my certification.  Over the next 2 months, I’ll be studying for the data center certification.  From my understanding, it covers the future of spanning tree.  Furthermore, it introduces you to VMware and Cisco nexus products.

2014-10-23 07.51.39 am

Path to CCIE

This year has been very productive.  I worked as a senior engineer on numerous projects for the military, and I have completed 3 challenging Cisco certifications.  Within the next 2 years, I’ll need to decide where my career goes.  If all goes well, I may join the Air Force Reserves, and take up a contracting position in Japan.  At this point, my long-term goal is to complete three more CCNP level certification and test for my CCIE within 2 to 3 years depending upon my work schedule.  As I progress towards this goal, I’ll make a status update.

2014-10-15 08.34.34 pm